Business Debit Cards

With your Visa Business Debit Card, you directly access your checking account without the expense or inconvenience of writing a check.

The amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your checking account balance. Simply keep your receipts for record purposes and mark purchases in your checking accounts ledger to update your balance. Purchases will also be noted on your account statement.



Farmers National Bank Cards

ATM/Debit Cards

Call 330.533.5066

After hour calls will be forwarded directly to a fraud line.

Credit Cards

Call 1.866.604.0381

24 hour call line

For a lost or stolen card in the United States, call the number above. Cardholder’s traveling outside the country can report their Visa card lost or stolen and request emergency services by using the toll-free numbers on Visa’s website.

What can a Visa Business Debit Card do for your business?

Business Debit Card example image
  • Each card displays your company name and the name of the authorized individual
  • A separate card is available for each authorized user
  • Tracking expenses is easy, from your checking account statement or online, anytime
  • Multiple authorized signers – maximum of six per business account(s)
  • Each card is authorized by the business owner or manager on an individual basis:
    • Dollar limit set individually
    • ATM usage authorized or restricted
    • POS terminal usage or purchases authorized or restricted
    • Authority to add, cancel, or change a card is restricted
  • No change can be made to the cards except by the business owner/manager
  • If a card is lost or stolen, it can be frozen and the rest of your cards will remain in use
  • If an employee leaves, that card can be frozen and the rest of your cards remain active

Currently a 1% fee is assessed on International Transactions when a currency conversion occurs. Fee is unchanged. Visa will impose a 0.8% fee on foreign transactions when a currency conversion is not performed.