Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft

  • Identity theft occurs when someone illegally obtains your personal information and uses it without your permission. Criminals use information such as your Social Security number, bank account information, and information found on tax returns to conduct a number of criminal activities. They may open a new credit card, open a new bank account, or purchase large ticket items such as boats or use the information to apply for a mortgage.
  • Criminals obtain information in a number of different ways. They may use a computer infection to capture keystrokes or steal a wallet or purse. Identity thieves intercept mail or steal paperwork with your personal information on it. Some even go as far as rummaging in dumpsters and trash cans to retrieve information that has been thrown away.

Spotting Identity Theft

Identity thieves can be relentless in their pursuit of information. Sometimes no matter how cautious you are with your personal information an identity thief can strike. Below are some signs that you may have fallen victim to an identity thief.

  • Expected bills or statements do not arrive to your mailbox
  • Unexpected bills or statements do arrive in your mailbox
  • You discover new accounts on your annual credit report
  • You receive calls from debt collectors or creditors unexpectedly

If you feel you have fallen victim to an identity thief or if you have received a call or letter that just makes you feel uneasy, resources are available to help you.

You can always call us with questions or concerns at 1.888.988.3276

We remind you to take advantage of your free credit report by visiting

  • This is the credit report provided to you from the Fair Credit Reporting Act legislation.
  • You are entitled to one report from each of the three major reporting agencies a year. Our suggestion is to space them out and make your request for a copy once every 4 months or so.
  • You can also request copies if you believe your identity has been compromised.

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