ATM and Night Depository Security

For your own safety exercise caution when using an ATM or making a deposit at a night depository. Complete any paperwork or deposit slips in a secure location before arriving at the ATM or night drop to help expedite your transaction.

  • ATM receipts may contain important account information. Don’t leave them behind.
  • Review your statements regularly and carefully to identify unusual charges. If you suspect fraudulent charges report this activity to our customer call center immediately.
  • ATM cards provide direct access to your account. Keep them secure and don’t let others use them.
  • Once you have completed your transaction or deposit be sure not to leave anything behind.

Keep your PIN confidential and don’t write it down where it can be seen by others. Additionally, do not provide your card PIN to anyone over the phone.

If you are using a drive-up ATM, keep windows up and doors locked to provide extra protection while conducting your transaction.

When using the ATM or other key pad, use your hand or body to block others from seeing you enter it.

Always check your surroundings to ensure your safety when using an ATM or Night Depository. The area should have adequate lighting and your view of the area should be unobstructed.

Be cautious when using ATMs. Ensure the ATM looks genuine and does not appear to be altered or have devices attached to the exterior of the ATM. Sometimes a fraudster will attach a card reader, second keypad or small camera to an ATM.

If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you have a concern, consider visiting another location and feel free to contact the branch with your concern.