Privacy & Security

At Farmers National Bank, we understand the importance of privacy, confidentiality, and integrity to our customers. Because of this, Farmers has developed a framework of hardware, software and human based controls to provide multiple layers of protection for your information. Additionally we understand that an educated computer user can be one of the best defenses against computer crime.

You are encouraged to review the information found within the Security Central page and familiarize yourself with the information provided. As always, if you feel you have become a victim of fraud or simply have questions about online security at Farmers please contact us at 1.888.988.3276.

Alert! Center

Possible Phishing Phone Calls

Farmers National Bank Customers are currently being contacted via telephone by an unknown party, which states that their debit card has been deactivated, locked, or suspended. These messages arrive via a live operator or automated message. The customer is then asked to press 1, input details such as card number and Social Security Number to reactivate their card. If you receive one of these calls please report it to our Customer Support Center at 888-988-3276 and do not share your debit/credit card information or any other personal information. The party involved in these telephone calls is not associated with Farmers National Bank.

Alert – Phishing Text Messages

Farmers National Bank has recently become aware that some of its customers have received text messages indicating unauthorized account activity or multiple unknown online banking logon attempts. These text messages are not being originated by Farmers National Bank, or any of its associated companies including First National Bank of Orrville and 1st National Community Bank of East Liverpool. Please do not respond to or click on any links in these text messages, as doing so may allow confidential information to be compromised.